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More Exquisite Timepieces and Gifts for StrangersAs can be seen in the video, Putin has an affinity to Patek Philippe timekeepers, as he owns two of them. Perpetual Calendar timepiece 5140 costs about $60,000. The wristwatch features an opaline white dial that shows the month, day, and date as well as phases of the Moon and AM/PM. It also has a round 18K white-gold case measuring 37.2mm in diameter and a transparent back to show off the self-winding mechanical caliber 240Q. The second Patek Philippe that President Putin owns is from the Calatrava Collection. The model is not specified, but the value is estimated at about $18,000.

The collection also includes two Blancpain models. Putin owns two Blancpain watches. The first is the Leman Flyback Chronograph (Leman Flyback Chronograph) 2885F-1130-5B,omega replica which has a Calibre 699F8 self-winding movement and a 40 mm diameter round case with sapphire glass on both the front and rear. It also features a black dial and a double-window date indicator.

Blancpain Leman Leman Aqua Lung Grand Date is another model from the same brand. It has a round case made of brushed stainless steel (the diameter is about 40 mm and the thickness is around 11.4 mm), an automatic mechanical Calibre 6950, with 35 jewels, 285 components and a dial in black, as well as a rubber black band.

The video shows that the Russian Federation President likes to share his watches. Putin is said to have given the same Blancpain Leman Aqua Lung Grande Date watch to a confused factory worker during a visit to one of the biggest companies in the world.Roger Dubuis Replica Watches He also gave it to a Siberian child he met while on vacation. Watch enthusiasts will be surprised to learn that he threw a watch worth the same amount into cement on a construction site. His collection of timepieces includes a Breguet Marine watch that is worth around $15,000.

The video made by opposition activists also compares Putin’s collection with the watches worn in the United States of America and France. Barrack Obama wears his Jorge Gray 6500, which retails at $350. Francois Hollande is wearing the Swatch Quarterman (YGS73B), which costs only $150.

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