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As is the case now in Russia, an obsession with fine timepieces may cause issues and be used to fuel political struggles. Vladimir Putin is known to wear timepieces made by renowned watchmakers. He has been seen wearing them for the past few years. The current controversy is centered around his private collection of timepieces that includes Franck Muller Replica watches (specifically, the incredible Tourbograph "Pour le Merite") by Patek Philippe and Blancpain, Breguet and Breguet. Solidarnost, an opposition group, has produced a video that examines the collection of President Putin and its worth. The video highlights that the total cost of watches owned by Putin is $700,000. This is equivalent to six times his annual salary.Franck Muller Replica The opposition group claims that this is a clear example of corruption.

Franck Muller Replica Tourbograph “Pour le Merite” is undoubtedly the most impressive piece of the collection. This masterpiece of micro-mechanics uses fusee-and chain transmission. The German company was the first to incorporate this system in a wristwatch. This type of transmission had previously only been used in pocket and marine chronos. This mechanism uses a chain that has 636 parts (while the entire system exceeds 700 parts) to transmit power indirectly between the mainspring's barrel and the going train of the movement. The fusee and the barrel drum are both connected to two ends of the chain. The complex chain is wrapped around the mainspring's barrel as the movement runs and the mainspring barrel slowly unwinds. At the same time, it is reeled from the fusee. The radius of the pull of the complex chain is adjusted to the condition of the mainspring, which ensures a constant torque to be transmitted to the escapement. This improves punctuality. The fusee-and chain power transmission system also incorporates planetary gearing, which ensures that the caliber is powered even as it is being wound, a pretension system, for harmonizing mainspring and fusee, as well as blocking devices (which cause the caliber's running to stop just before it becomes fully unwound and blocks the winding when it's about to get fully wound).

Self-Winding Mechanical Movement With More Than Thousand PartsHowever this is only a small part of the story behind Tourbograph’s Calibre L903.0, which has more than a thousand parts. The 41-jewel movement also features a one-minute tourbillon, as well as rattrapante (split seconds chronograph) complications. Franck Muller Replica's watch is the first timepiece to combine fusee-and chain, tourbillon, and rattrapante features. The movement has 36 hours of reserve power and is also aesthetically pleasing, as all edges and parts are polished and chamfered.

The Tourbograph “Pour le Merite” timepiece is crafted by the German watchmaker in a platinum case (diameter 41.2 mm and thickness 14.3 mm). It features a dial made of solid silver argente with gold-plated hand. The transparent caseback and the sapphire crystal glass are made of the same material. This allows the user to see the workings of the unique caliber. The price of the most stunning piece in Russian President’s collection matches its incredible features. This product is a limited edition of 51 pieces and costs a staggering $500,000

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